Beyoncé Eyes

by T-Shirt Weather

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Here is a single, in advance of our album out in 2013.

'Beyoncé Eyes' is taken from the upcoming album and the latter, "Another Pizza, Another Planet', is a re-record of one of our old songs.

'Beyoncé Eyes' is about things going flat, like an old pop. I do something a thousand times and nothing changes, but everything could be different the thousand-and-first time.

'Another Pizza, Another Planet' is about moving to Fenham, getting the bus home, sitting on the top deck, and listening to The Pirates of the Carribean theme.

Hope you like these!
T-Shirt Weather x


released December 27, 2012

Written by T-Shirt Weather
Recorded during a dirty weekend at Bad Phil's (JT Soar in Nottingham)
Mixed by Bad Phil
Mastered by Joe Caithness




T-Shirt Weather Durham, UK

T-Shirt Weather are a pop/punk band from Durham.


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Track Name: Beyoncé Eyes
I promise I'd mark my skin
to let you know I'm yours,
We've been scratching around this heart ache
Too long to ignore,

I would have bowed my head
but then you clipped my wings,
My eyes are circled by these
black stinging rings

When I lay my miserable bones down on the ground,
I crinkle like your bed sheets,
Although every ink plume would have ran true,
I never got those tattoos that I said I'd get for you

I wrote a thousand letters that I'd never send,
Your post code is mocking me again,
and again,

Tiny vessels crawling
trying to choke my skin,
I'm feeling faint from all the ink poisoning

When writing your valentine my pen would not have stalled
but I think you'd guess my scrawl,
You always could, after all

A thousand songs that say it better than this one,
I dot my I's, I cross my T's,
It's just another sentence fucking killing me,

I wish that I was better than,
Some lyrics on a status,
My metaphors are going next so

I seal my sentiments with an 'x',
At the end of the text.
Track Name: Another Pizza, Another Planet
I extend an olive branch to you,
through a misty, milky, midnight dew,
you cut me down and count my rings,
I make mistakes - I do not sin

A xylophone starts to chime,
Dissonant and out of time,
Gold dust soaks (air to grow),
lying in the summer snow

And have I won?
Are you listening? Are you listening hard enough?
I don't know,
If you're listening? Are you listening hard enough?

This room is like a road map,
continents on secret paths,
the lines across the floor are ghosts,
entities that mark the coast,

Wearing nothing but my bracelets,
protected by the duvet cover,
kicking out at the night
for the arms of another,

I am the Fenham buccaneer,
a swash-buckling sense of fear,
my life's building blocks are one,
slowly crumbling in the sun,
like our futures start to sigh,
I'm 20 and fucking terrified.
Pubs and pints greet me at it,
through the shivers of my denim jacket,
threads and stitches create ways,
turns out I haven't eaten for days.