Having a Bad Time

by T-Shirt Weather

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About time.


released March 13, 2013

All songs by T-Shirt Weather
T-Shirt Weather are Andy, Patxi and Tom

We recorded this during a dirty weekend at Bad Phil's at JT soar in Nottingham.
Mastered by Joe Caithness at Subsequent Mastering.

Additional vocals by JC

Released by Etxea Records





T-Shirt Weather Durham, UK

T-Shirt Weather are a pop/punk band from Durham.


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Track Name: My Heart Breaks (Again)
Aligning for once with my better judgement, though it breaks my heart to hide in the shadows like this
Firing off so many feelings, an existential crisis in a kiss

I know my limitations,
I couldn't take that kind of hurt
Alone and at home in a freezing cold world of my own.

Let's not talk, I can't afford to fall in love with you

Can't you see, it's not like you're too good to be
It's not like you're too good for me
Can't you see?

I don't normally speak so slowly,
and I don't normally speak so soft in tone,
and I don't normally have an accent, so to speak of, when I'm in London,
But you make London feel like home, so

My heart breaks again.
Track Name: Having a Bad Time
The sunshine on the Wear,
the fog above the Thames.
Admit you're weak sometimes,
I'm running home again,

I dive into your arms, the cradle of the North.
Oh, I wait up here,
I want for nothing now,
Oh, I wait up here
I want for nothing now,

I dive into your arms, the cradle of the North
Track Name: My Life Is Brilliant And Everyone Thinks I'm Class
I'm having a hard time trying to cope,
Not with you or anyone else,
Just with myself

And all these tremors that I thought I fought,
It turns out I might have more problems,
Than I thought,

Disguise myself with stalwart ease,
Falling apart at every lick of the breeze,
I'm coming round to finally see

Perhaps I'm complex, I'm insane,
Perhaps I'm just more of the same
but all these characters I play,
I just can't get to go away,

Hiding in a reverie:
An absent-minded

Piece of dark poetry
that's sewn in store for me,

You have your landmarks
and I have Heaton Park,
I am the tree bark,
Coughing in the dark
Track Name: There Is A Lion That Never Gazelles
If love lives in the heart, then what I feel for you has
Bubbled by my sternum, balanced on my diaphragm
The nexus of the sense is swollen,
'neath the solar plexus, hence:
This lovehate sense of nausea,
The calcification of the fact I adored you

I squeeze my face into the locket,
around your neck - not to regret it,
The picture frame is rotten,
everything's the same when forgotten,
Three misheard words that haunt me,
My sleepless debris
clutters around us,
explained as thus,
'maybe there's nothing left to discuss'

All I hope is when you're gone and I have grown,
The thought of that time might then make me smile,
Though I am wasting away in the cold light of today, in my regrets,
Well, I expect that
I'll think of you fondly some better, brighter, different, distant day

A hug hello as strangers
For the first time in so long
I held on a little longer
Losing you made the feeing stronger
Would you kiss me like you miss me?
Would you kiss me back to life?
And as the life-kiss kills me
Kiss me again - love, hate, longing and shame

The locket's cracked (the watch has stopped),
Your picture's sliding out the top,
I've exorcised my demons
that cultivate in these seasons,
A warning shot I didn't see,
The final act that strangles me,
Take this note,
(this old joke),
a boring soliloquy

For now,
You're someone that I'm scared to think about.
Track Name: Beyoncé Eyes
I promised I'd mark my skin
to let you know I'm yours,
We've been scratching around this heart ache
Too long to ignore,

I would have bowed my head
but then you clipped my wings,
My eyes circled by these
black stinging rings

When I lay my miserable bones down on the ground,
I crinkle like your bed sheets,
Although every ink plume would have ran true,
I never got those tattoos that I said I'd get for you

I wrote a thousand letters that I'd never send,
Your post code is mocking me again,
and again,

Tiny vessels crawling
trying to choke my skin,
I'm feeling faint from all the ink poisoning

When writing your valentine my pen would not have stalled
but I think you'd guess my scrawl,
You always could, after all

A thousand songs that say it better than this one,
I dot my 'I's, I cross my 'T's,
It's just another sentence fucking killing me,

I wish that I was better than,
Some lyrics on a status,
My metaphors are going next so I'll

Seal my sentiments with an 'x',
At the end of the text
Track Name: Shotz of Sourz Make You Strong
I feel belied
The smoking area's quiet, unlike the bar
Mishapen by strobe lights,
Come out with me there:

Amongst the smoke, the ash and tar
Let's find out if you really care

Trying to convince myself, to make myself believe
That you're the poison
Making it harder to breathe
My racing heart becomes
The tightness in the lungs
and I've been trying for months
But I can't give you up

I'll build a wall, a defence
Something that you can't cling onto
It's not whether I can
It's whether I want to

The thirst I want to quench
This sense that I've entrenched
I wish I had the sense to keep you at arm’s length
Track Name: Let's Go Out (In Real Life)
You said you'd never seen me dance
And I said, "No, I seldom do, but
my body's moving faster than my mind."
Focus on your face, and I remember
You've had this place in my mind since the first time I met you
To my surprise, that's your mouth on mine
The taste of sparkling wine, and I close my eyes

Drunk indiscretions - the natural conclusion to
Honest affection and fear

If I can fly in my sleep,
Die and resurrect several times in my sleep, then
Why can't I say?
"I think I like you,
Let's go out sometime in real life"

I woke in a state, you were far away
I brushed my teeth and broke a plate
I tried to think of a way to say:
I've done nothing of worth today
A drunken kiss is good and well
Your Lambrini lips still fresh in my head
You took my hand, you helped me home
You saved your number on my phone
I fell asleep on the sofa alone

Hover on your name like the mayfly I am,
I'll die soon
Shoot for the moon
Track Name: My Baby Takes the Morning Train to Gotham
Took out all these notes to show,
Round by round,
Blow by blow,
Showing how I fell back on the ropes,

Seen through my eyes
with specks to float,
Heel by heel
stories about how I really feel -

when the bottle caps collect around my feet,
they burn an optimism,
I know you can't give yourself
when it's not yours to give,
My explanation does the trick

Don't try,
It's alright,
I'm just hoping I can be your mistake tonight,

My heart beats harder than punk rock,
My veins are bursting telling me to stop
but I cannot

Can we go outside?
Away from all the lights, the sounds,
The distractions,
Are you waiting for my reaction?

I see a spectre bodied glass
that plays host,
to the drunken ghosts,
that leave cuts on my hands,

Do you remember when we started?
we were never meant to be
But now that we have parted - emotional disparity
And the way that I present to you, do I remind you of sudoku?
A simple concept feigning complex - waste the weekend doing me
Track Name: Misshapen Under Strobe Lights
Misshapen feelings,
Under burning strobe light,
There's a DJ behind the decks,
Reading my last rites,

A guttering intimacy,
Between the bodies,
I can't compute
these aching ambiguities

Just split the atom
and move your feet

Transplant these organs
from mine to yours,
A burning message written in
the blood and gore,

You're gutless, you're spineless,
Whatever you are,
Let's just get another drink
when we're waiting at the bar,

I'm sick of trawling these clubs,
Looking for a midas touch,
I know what I want to say
but I cannot say as such,

Coughing up blood
in broken bathroom stalls like hell,
This room's the size
of my prison cell,

Dear jesus, can you hear me?
Track Name: Admit You're Weak Sometimes
Tonight I feel like I'm stagnating
As my mind turns septic in my head
Infection takes what good thoughts I have left
Perhaps I'm complex, I'm insane
Perhaps I'm worthless, I'm inane
In the kitchen, in the corner
Drink myself into a coma

With my face against your shoulder
My heart stilled yet somehow bolder
Fleeting joy in this embrace
How I long to hear you say:

"If you want to go, let's go
I don't like this party either, I don't like these people either
And if you want to stay we'll stay
No need to leave to drift away
Lose yourself within my smile
You can talk to me for a while."

Tonight I feel like I'm revolving, I've forgotten how to think
My stupid mind is like a whirlpool, and it draws my thoughts to sink
I wish that I could be a smile, a punchline, fondly held regret
It's hurts to know, I'd love to be
One of the mistakes you love to share with me

The sunshine on the Wear, the fog above the Thames
Admit you're weak sometimes

Oh, I wait up here
I want for nothing now
I dive into your arms
The cradle of the North

Admit you're weak sometimes